A fast-paced strategy game for #LOWREZJAM 2017.

Help your orcs survive in the wilderness.


Needs browser, keyboard, mouse. Uses "image-rendering: pixelated". Sorry IE and Edge.


  • A (inspect mode)
  • D (build mode)
  • G (pause)
  • ⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️ (move camera)
  • CX (zoom in/out)


Want to use the Off-Grid Orcs font in your own projects? Come visit the font's homepage to download for free.


Having trouble making it through the first few waves?

  1. Build the first building (HQ) a bit to the left or right of the first orc's starting position, to dodge the first wave
  2. Build the second building (home) a bit to the right or left of the first, to dodge the second wave
  3. Build the next few  buildings (homes) in serial (one after the other), before starting to build in parallel (multiple at one time)
  4. Pause the game first if you need to need to zoom out or scroll around (you can lay down building plans while paused)


For a few notes about my initial ideas and my development process, you can check out the devlog.

Open source

I've released the source code (and embedded art) under the MIT License:


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28 hours is my highest score! I think you should display the maximum number of orcs i got during the game at the end, or the total orc that were born. Good job!

Wow, nice! And thanks for the suggestions -- that would definitely help give the player a better feel for their progress :)